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There are two new articles on the website - one talks about deploying Traefik Proxy using Flux and GitOps principles, and the other talks about configuring Firebase emulators with Next.js for testing/development.

Let me know if you like them!

How to deploy Traefik Proxy using Flux and GitOps principles

GitOps makes configuration management seamless by creating a single source of truth for configuration changes to be transparent, validated, and low-risk. Jakub Hajek explains how Traefik Proxy and Flux implement GitOps principles.


Configuring Firebase emulators with Next.js

If you're working with Firebase setting up emulators for each of the services can immensely simplify your development and testing. It also allows you to iterate faster (i.e., you don't have to re-deploy the functions N times a day), quickly run tests to ensure you don't break any basic functionality (or even security rules) and seed the database with different documents.


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