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Collection of Kubernetes dashboards

Don't let the title of the article - YAKD: Yet Another Kubernetes Dashboard - fool you. No, it's not yet another Kubernetes dashboard, instead, it's an interesting article by KumoMind going through existing Kubernetes dashboard projects. Things like Octant, Kubehelper, Kubenav, Skooner, and more. A great resource to see what's out there.

Kubernetes and the Path to Serverless by Kelsey Hightower

Keynote by Kelsey Hightower where he talks about how small the gap between Kubernetes and serverless is. During the demo, he ports a Kubernetes pod to an AWS custom Lambda function. Well worth the watch!

No more passing secrets to Google Functions during deployment

Google announced native integration between Google Functions and Secret Manager. Previously, if you wanted to use secrets as part of your functions, you could pass them as environment variables during deployment. These "secrets" could then be seen by anyone with viewer permissions on your Google Cloud project which doesn't make it secure. The secret manager allows you to store the secrets in a secure way and you won't have to pass the sensitive values during deployments.


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