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The goal of the learncloudnative.com is to help you get up-to speed with cloud-native through workshops, articles, and courses. Workshops and online courses are an effective and easy way to learn new skills and technologies. Both are designed for all skill levels and anyone interested in learning about Kubernetes, service meshes and other cloud-native projects.

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Kubernetes and Istio service mesh workshop materials

In the past year, I have done multiple workshops on Kubernetes, Istio and cloud-native development. As part of my workshops I usually start with theory and explain the concepts using slides, show some demos, but then it's on you, the participant to try out the technology yourself.

Peter Jausovec

February 04, 2020

1 minute(s)

Six exciting enhancements in Istio 1.4.0

Istio 1.4.0 was released on November 14th and it came with a lot of new features and enhancements. In this article I go through my favorite six improvements, including the new and simple way of installing Istio and opening dashboards.

Peter Jausovec

December 05, 2019

2 minute(s)

Online Courses

Learn Istio Service Mesh E-Book and Video Course

Learn Istio Service Mesh is a book and video course that teaches you how to use Istio service mesh through practical examples.

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Learn Istio Service Mesh E-Book and Video Course

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Building Cloud-Native Applications

This training course goes through the fundamental building blocks of the next-generation cloud native apps. You will learn to decide on containers versus functions, which communication patterns to use, how to set up development and debugging environments, CI and CD pipelines ...

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Istio Service Mesh Fundamentals

In this workshop you will get an overview of Kubernetes concepts and building blocks and use it to deploy your applications. In addition to the theoretical parts.

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Kubernetes Fundamentals

In this workshop you will learn what is Kubernetes and how to get started using it. To start off, we will explain the Kubernetes architecture and basic Kubernetes concepts. With plently of hands-on exerices, you will create your own containerized application...

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Advanced Kubernetes

This workshop digs deeper into Kubernetes and through practical examples explains topics such as ingress and ingress controllers, volumes, stateful sets, custom resource definitions (CRDs) and operators.

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