Kubernetes and Istio service mesh workshop materials

In the past year, I have done multiple workshops on Kubernetes, Istio and cloud-native development. As part of my workshops I usually start with theory and explain the concepts using slides, show some demos, but then it's on you, the participant to try out the technology yourself.

Peter Jausovec

February 04, 2020

1 minute(s)

Setting up SSL certificates with Istio Gateway - Part 1

SSL certificates are a must these days. They helps protect the data being sent between the server and the client by encrypting it, which gives your website more credibility. In this blog post I will explore a couple of different ways you can obtain SSL certificates and configure the Istio Gateway to use them.

Peter Jausovec

December 04, 2019

5 minute(s)

What are sticky sessions and how to configure them with Istio?

The idea behind sticky sessions is to route the requests for a particular session to the same endpoint that served the first request. That way to can associate a service instance with the caller, based on HTTP headers or cookies. You might want to use sticky sessions if your service is doing an expensive operation on first request, but later caching the value. That way, if the same user makes the request, the expensive operation will not be performed and value from the cache will be used.

Peter Jausovec

June 12, 2019

2 minute(s)

Zero Downtime Releases using Kubernetes and Istio

The idea behind zero downtime release is to release a new version of the service, without affecting any users — i.e., users don’t even know when a new version of the service is released. A practical example would be if you have a website running, how can you can you release a new version without taking the site down?

Peter Jausovec

February 28, 2019

4 minute(s)