Peter Jausovec


I'm Peter Jausovec (@pjausovec), a software engineer with more than ten years of experience in the field of software development and tech. During my career, I've spent time in various roles, starting with QA before moving to software engineering and leading tech teams. In my early career, I was mostly focused on developer and cloud tooling. In recent years, however, I've been focusing on developing distributed systems and cloud-native solutions.

Books and Articles

During my career in tech, I've written books on Cloud Native and Istio Service Mesh, and numerous articles you can read on Medium,, or my Learn Cloud Native Blog.


I've spoken at a variety of conferences all around the world. I have delivered talks and multiple-day workshops on microservices, Kubernetes, service meshes (Istio), service resiliency, and serverless. You can find a list of my previous and upcoming speaking engagements here.
Contact me if you would like me to speak at your conference, conduct an in-person workshop, or if you just want to say hi.